• Epica_Ludwigsburg
    Epica raises the bar of symphonic metal again: «The Holographic Principle» is their biggest production yet, recorded with full orchestras, choirs, and real instruments instead of samples. Guitarist and songwriter, Isaac Delahaye, explains the challenges of the growing complexity. More »
  • Bee Johnson might be Switzerland's new soul star.
    A warm voice full of soul: This is Bee Johnson, presenting a new video clip for his single “Moon Over Soweto”. More »
  • Mirai Kawashima on stage with Sigh. (Photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Sigh from Japan are the avant-garde metal counterpart to Björk. Main composer Mirai Kawashima keeps pushing into unpredictable directions as each record adds new experimental and bizarre elements that somehow still make sense.  More »
  • Jennie-Ann Smith on stage in Frankfurt, Germany (Photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    30 years ago Leif Edling pioneered Doom Metal with Candlemass debut album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. Together with Marcus Jidell, he created a band with veteran members but new ideas: Avatarium.  More »
  • Camiel Meiresonne (Photo: Karin Wenger)
    A warm summer’s day in Switzerland. Wettingen is not what you might call a beautiful town in Zurich’s periphery. Normally, the highway is the only bloodline, bringing life, goods, and noise. However, July the 1st is not an ordinary day. The open air is kicking off, and the Dutch band Son Mieux play their first […] More »
  • White Lies announce a new album.
    The English post-punk band White Lies have announced their fourth album “Friends”. Their first single “Take It Out On Me” sounds promising. More »
  • Kamelot (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Kamelot and Serenity brought a Symphonic Power Metal overload to the JUZ in Andernach. The venue was filled to the brim with loyal fans who arrived hours early. More »
  • Mgla live on stage (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Odyssey to Blasphemy marks its debut as a Black Metal festival in Germany headlined by Poland’s best kept secret, Mgła. The killer line-up and musical experience was only slightly diminished. More »
  • The_Gentle_Storm_Andernach
    What is the cost of creative freedom? Anneke van Giersbergen is not only known for her time in The Gathering but also from collaborations with a great variety of artists, such as Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Devin Townsend or Moonspell. In 2015 she teamed up with Arjen van Lucassen (Ayreon) again, to create The […] More »
  • Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen of Amberian Dawn live on stage (Photos: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Amberian Dawn released their latest record “Innuendo” in October 2015 and joined Delain and The Gentle Storm on tour. It is their first time on the road since 2012 and introduces new singer Päivi “Capri” Virkkunen. Instead of looking for a carbon copy of old sopranist Heidi Parviainen, the Symphonic Metal band now has a variety of vocals ranging […] More »
  • sumo_001
    In January 2016, the Geneva-based band SUMO is going to release their new album “Galactika”. Listen to their new single “King of Creation” exclusively on Negative White. More »
  • Jacob Bellens (Photo: Jonas Bang)
    Sometimes music surprises you. So was I when I heard Jacob Bellen’s “Polyester Skin”. More »
  • "Rock’n’roll is not about getting ten outta ten" (Photos: Nicola Tröhler)
    Danko Jones played a thrilling show at Zurich’s Dynamo. We met the Canadian musician to talk about their Misfits-influenced sound, disruption in the music business and the struggle to remain faithful. More »
  • eagles-of-death-metal_001
    In their first interview after the attacks in Paris, the band Eagles of Death Metal describe their experience of the horrible incident. More »
  • Powerwolf live on stage (Photo: David Khanh To Tuan)
    Just a few years ago, Powerwolf were considered one of the best newcomers in Germany. Especially the commercial success of “Preachers of the Night”, which made it to No. 1 of the German charts, spoke for itself. The power metal band from Saarbrücken has since cemented their status with the release of “Blessed & Possessed” and are […] More »
  • Cradle_of_Filth_Interview_Cologne
    Cradle of Filth is one of the most recognizable and infamous extreme metal bands, feared by the mainstream for their seemingly satanic appeal and hated by Black Metal purists for tainting their sound with symphonic and gothic elements. In 2013, Lindsay Schoolcraft joined the band to deliver diabolical keyboard compositions and velvety vocals for “Hammer […] More »
  • Epica live in Neu Isenburg, Germany (Photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Dutch symphonic metal masters Epica embark on “The Ultimate Enigma” tour in Europe and are joined by the finest folk metal that Switzerland has to offer: Eluveitie. That “Revolver” tour was cut short in September because singer Simone Simons father fell ill, so Eluveitie took over as headliners and played an extended set. Everyone is […] More »
  • Apocalyptica's Mikko Sirén (Photo: Sacha Saxer)
    Just a few hours before the concert in Zurich I sat together with Mikko Sirén and Paavo Lötjönen of Apocalyptica to talk with them about guest musicians and what the future may hold for Apocalyptica. More »
  • Molllust in Aschaffenburg, Germany (Photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    An acoustic ambush in Aschaffenburg! The second violin is stuck at work, singer Frank is recovering from a cold and soprano Jannika is battling her own. Even with their decimated lineup, Molllust managed to put on a great show with an acoustic arrangement of their Opera Metal record “In Deep Waters”. Berlin-based choir Stimmgewalt backed […] More »
  • Adna (Photo: David Schneider)
    The refrigerator is humming in the small, bleak backstage room. Adna Kadic just finished her show at the club KiFF in Aarau, Switzerland. Only a few people experienced her performance on this early Saturday evening. Those who missed it could not tell that this little woman dressed up in black is one of the most […] More »
  • Sean Tibbetts getting wild on stage (Photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    The second stop of the “Haven” tour brings Floridas Power/Symphonic Metal band Kamelot to Cologne, Germany. Because guest vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) is performing with Metal Allegiance in the United States, Linnéa Vikström (Therion) takes her place as a backup singer. Simone Simmons (Epica) is spotted in the backstage area, but sadly she is not there to […] More »
  • Simone Simons (Photo: Sacha Saxer)
    Epic Metal Fest is a brand new metal festival presented by the eponymous Dutch Symphonic Metal band Epica. The first edition of Epic Metal Fest will take place on the 22nd of November 2015 in “Klokgebouw” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It is going to be Epica’s last Dutch show before recording the follow-up for “The Quantum Enigma”. More »
  • Mark Jansen and Isaac Delahaye (Photo: Sacha Saxer)
    Mark Jansen of Epica sat down with us in the nice backstage of Wacken Open Air to talk about the future of the band and, of course, their latest album “The Quantum Enigma”. More »
  • Recording in a club's apartment (photo: Touch)
    Touch is a new band from Switzerland. And you should know them. Get an impression on what they are up to with their upcoming album. More »
  • Alissa White-Gluz in action (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Arch Enemy were supposed to headline the Metal Collision Festival in Frankfurt on 17. July already, but had to postpone the show in Frankfurt to save the “Bang Your Head!!!” Festival, which had just lost one of their main acts. Was it worth it to wait two months for the extreme metal titans to return? More »
  • More than Tales Of A Thousand Lakes (Foto: Sacha Saxer)
    At the Wacken Open Air, we had the opportunity to talk with Esa Holopainen from Amorphis aber change, Wacken and their upcoming album «Under The Red Cloud». More »
  • Adna, photographed by Marcus Nyberg
    This woman with big, deep eyes stands in front of a grey wall. A glance fulfilled with heartbreaking melancholy and an ancient sadness. As vulnerable as a flower and as sturdy as a rock. More »
  • At_The_Gates_Luxemburg
    In 1995 At The Gates released “Slaughter of the Soul”, a highly influential album that became a blueprint for Melodic Death Metal and marked the maturity of this genre. Almost 20 years later the Swedish band recorded a new album, “At War With Reality”. We get a few minutes with singer Tomas Lindberg before their show in Luxemburg. More »
  • Getting grazy with SKIP&DIE (Image: Screenshot Video)
    Are you ready for some crazy sounds? We present the permiere of SKIP&DIE’s new single “Space Girl”. The new album “Cosmic Serpents” was written and recorded in Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia, La Reunion island, South Africa, Portugal and the Netherlands. Of course you can hear the different influences from all those places. But now listen the […] More »
  • For his birthday and as an April Fool's prank drummer Arejay Hale received a cake to the face on stage in Frankfurt (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Halestorm have been on a steady climb. The hard rock band only released two more studio albums since their debut in 2009, but managed to snatch a grammy award in 2013. While the general feedback has been praise, there were a lot of negative comments towards the bands mainstream success. Yet, singer Lzzy Hale actually sees an accomplishment, because “people […] More »
  • (photo: Rachel Kemper)
    How does one combine a didgeridoo with Hard Rock? Tough question, but Like A Storm have the answer: You make it plastic. While a lot of people would hesitate to switch cities for a job, the brothers Chris, Matt and Kent Brooks jumped in at the deep end and moved halfway across the world from New Zealand to Canada. With […] More »
  • Stu Larsen in Zurich, recording the video session (photo: David Schneider)
    We met the Australian Singer-Songwriter Stu Larsen and the Swiss newcomer Yellow Teeth at the M4Music Festival in Zurich and recorded two session videos with “One Song.One Take”. Have a look! More »
  • The Agonist live in Russelsheim, Germany (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    The Agonist just don’t know how to stay down! They were supposed to be a supporting act for Otep in Europe, who cancelled for “reasons beyond their control”. So the Canadians stepped up as new headliners, but Singer Vicky Psarakis was hospitalized in the middle of the tour. We interviewed Songwriter/Guitarist Danny Marino and half-sick Vicky before their […] More »
  • FemME_2015
    Lacuna Coil from Italy and Therion from Sweden will headline Ton Dekkers Female Metal Event in Effenaar, Eindhoven (Netherlands) on 16th and 17th October 2015. More »
  • Epica_Koeln
    Mark Jansen jokes about peoples reaction to seeing Epica for the first time, but he is spot on: The Dutch band combines growls with an orchestra and politically charged lyrics, yet singer Simone Simons appears to be the defining trait to most. Nevertheless, their success speaks for itself, so we interviewed Mark and Coen Janssen before their last show in Germany. More »
  • black-mount-rise_001
    Black Mount Rise from Fribourg, Switzerland released their single “Dilemma” on January, 30th. It’s loud and heavy. Groovy drums and mighty guitars. Good rock music needs nothing more. More »
  • Charlotte Wessels in Langen, Germany (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    “… and then within Holland they rarely get paid attention to!” – Indeed, not every dutch Symphonic Metal bands can claim the popularity of Within Temptation, but Delain has been around for almost a decade and singer Charlotte Wessels has made it on various “Top Women in Metal” lists. But how appropriate is that kind of […] More »
  • Battle Beast live on stage (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)

    Heroes On Tour Reaches Germany

    24th January 2015

    Army enthusiasts meet-up or Sabaton concert? Half the male audience wore camo pattern military pants and a dozen of Joakim Brodén doppelgangers equipped with chest armor, matching beard and sunglasses. The swedish power metal behemoths advance their “Heroes on Tour” campaign to the city of Langen and receive heavy support from Battle Beast and Delain. More »
  • Close your eyes and listen. (photo: Daniel Schmid & Matthias Eberle)

    Yes, I’m Very Tired Now

    22nd December 2014

    Maybe it’s one of the strangest band names you’ve stumbled over in the last few months. But Yes, I’m Very Tired Now is in fact a very interesting project. We listened to their EP “Common World”. More »
  • Ian Hooper playing on stage in Zurich. (photo: Steffi Sonderegger)

    Mighty Oaks Played In Zurich

    18th December 2014

    Mighty Oaks, a Berlin-based indie folk band, played a show in Zurich. We have some impressions for you. More »
  • Seether
    A few hours before Seether stood on the stage of Kulturzentrum Kofmehl their gig was sold out. I’m not surprised – at least not that I’m not the only one who wants to see them live. More »
  • Alissa during her performance with Arch Enemy. (photo: Khanh To Tuan)
    After a more than a decade with Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy changed their line-up again. They are joined by Alissa White-Gluz (ex-The Agonist) as new singer and Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore) on the guitars. I took the opportunity to catch their show in the MHPArena Ludwigsburg with thrash metal pioneers Kreator, Sodom and the polish death […] More »
  • Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil during the interview. (photo: Khanh David To Tuan)
    Lacuna Coil sails as flagship of Century Media through the world and fascinates fans with catchy melodies and a dark atmosphere. Singer Cristina Scabbia explains the ideas behind Lacuna Coil’s newest album “Broken Crown Halo”, talks about her musical background and wants to state one thing very clear: Making music is a tough business and not […] More »
  • Tom Vanstiphout in Bern, Switzerland (photo: Arnout Bracke)

    “I found my place in life”

    30th November 2014

    The Belgian musician Tom Vanstiphout is on tour as the lead-guitarist of Milow. Tom’s own music is a light and happy mix of styles, brought together by an excellent guitarist with a lot of experience. This year he realeased a new album called “Little Beams of Light”. After Milow’s show at the “Bierhübeli” Tom found time to chat […] More »
  • heather-nova_300-days-at-sea
    Spending your childhood on a boat in the Caribbean will have some impact on your life. “300 Days At Sea” by Heather Nova shows some of those influences to you. Does this make for a good record? More »
  • Leo Stannard playing on rooftops (photo: David Schneider)
    Leo Stannard is a young, British singer-songwriter with a lot of talent. He plays the guitar in a special and very uncommon way. In mid-October he visited Switzerland the second time this year for a little tour. In the comfortable backstage of the Mahogany Hall in Bern Leo had a chat with Negative White and talked […] More »
  • The Kaiser Chiefs are back in the classroom (photo: Danny North)
    When former Kaiser Chiefs drummer and main songwriter Nick Hodgson left the band, they got the chance to reform and start anew. Their fifth album “Education, Education, Education & War” is the output of said turning point. Before their show at X-Tra Zurich, keyboarder Nick ‘Peanut’ Baines and drummer Vijay ‘VJ’ Mistry found time to […] More »
  • Ella Ronan, an Israeli singer (photo: Tatjana Pürro)
    Israeli singer Ella Ronen started her career in music in Switzerland, on the stage of “The Voice of Switzerland”. Though she did not win the show she never gave up on music and released her debut album this August. On October 16 Ella starts the album tour through Switzerland and Israel but before that she found time […] More »
  • Mark Jackson and Ronan Harris (photo: provided)
    We met Ronan Harris from the British Future pop group VNV Nation in Zurich. Before Harris and his mate Mark Jackson started the party at club X-Tra, he answered our questions and talked about inspiration, disappointment and their new album “Transnational”. More »